Conservatory Too Hot?

There are not many people who don't realize that conservatories and sunrooms can become very effective heat traps.

Whilst conservatory blinds are one popular way of helping to control this there are also various solar coatings available. One such coating is COOLKOTE. This product has been uniquely formulated for use on conservatories with polycarbonate in the roof.

Treatment with CoolKote prevents the heat from building up under polycarbonate, reflecting the sun's heat away before it can be transmitted. Immediate and dramatic reductions in internal daytime temperatures are achieved.

CoolKote is a high-performance metalised pvc coating, providing an inexpensive and extremely effective solution to the problem of heat build up.

Its metalised surface creates a dramatic reduction in the incoming solar heat by continuously reflecting it a way.

The CoolKote product is installed by the manufacturers national network of highly trained professional installers,
for a quick, clean installation with the minimum of disruption to you and your home. See the images and graphs below for an even more dramatic illustration of why we think this product could be such a valuable addition to your conservatory.

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